The Battle Against COVID-19 Indoors

News about COVID-19 is everywhere. There is so much to take in, but we want to make it simple for you. Keeping your family healthy and safe during the Coronavirus pandemic is important to us, too. Guidelines put in place have included staying six feet away from people and wearing face masks when going out in public. However, this virus is airborne and air conditioning units circulate air throughout a space. There seems to be a need to battle COVID-19 indoors and on a larger scale. 

People are being isolated in their homes more than ever with their family members and roommates. Many Americans are returning back to their workplaces as local restrictions are lifted. This is putting a greater emphasis on how the Coronavirus can be defeated in enclosed spaces. Being alone in your enclosed office all day may seem safe, but the air conditioning unit is circulating the air throughout the whole weekend. 

UV light air purifiers have previously been marketed to the healthcare industry, but now they are being sold to businesses on a larger scale. Mitigating the airborne COVID-19 virus is important now, but this will have lasting air quality benefits.