Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19

What should you know about the air that you are breathing? COVID-19 has everyone thinking about things in a whole new way. There is so much to try to navigate with this global pandemic happening. Masks and hand sanitizer have been a key focus, but what about indoor air quality? The reason for masks is because COVID-19 can travel in the air. Indoor air filtration systems can help keep the airborne virus from spreading. While nothing is 100% effective, an indoor air scrubber can only help. 

A recent CBS News story about COVID-19 discussed how indoor ventilation impacts the spread of the virus. One expert stated, “when a virus is caught up in an airstream it has the potential to move much farther than six feet.” While social distancing is an important part in preventing the spread, it appears as though air purification is a key component to staying healthy. 

apcoMany businesses are investing in indoor air quality equipment to protect their customers. Staying healthy and preventing the spread of COVID-19 is very important. People are asking what else they can do and this is the answer. Indoor air quality is important. If you are a homeowner or a business owner, consider calling us to talk about getting an indoor air scrubber installed.

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