Is It Time To Replace Your Unit?

There are many decisions in life. Experts say we make an average of 35,000 of decisions every day. Some are minor decisions like what shirt to wear or what to eat for dinner. Other decisions like buying a house or having a baby are more difficult. Any decisions involving large amounts of money can be hard. We want to help you with one of the many financial decisions you will have to make in your life. 

These five most common reasons to consider replacing your unit.

  1. System is approximately 15 years old
  2. Needs frequent repairs 
  3. Hear unusual sounds
  4. Excessive leakage around the unit 
  5. Not getting cold air or there is poor air flow

Now you may be thinking that you want to wait it out, but don't wait until the hottest day of the year for you AC to go out on you. It can't hurt to get a FREE estimate from one of our Comfort Specialists. If you are worried about the price tag, we offer financing options! We want to be the company that you can count on for this big life decision and investment.