Why Do I Need A Service Agreement?

Your HVAC unit is a lot like a car, as it needs regular maintenance. To keep things running smoothly and to prolong the lifespan of your unit, a service agreement is the best option. You will become our number one priority with a maintenance agreement. 

A residential maintenance agreement includes a reduced diagnostic charge during normal business hours, and no after hours rates. As a priority customer you will also receive a 15% discount from regular flat rate pricing. Included in your agreement are two preventative maintenance tune-ups per year. There is also a one year labor warranty on all services repairs. Also, you will receive a loyalty credit of $50 per year of membership for up to $500 to be used towards the installation of a new system.

Our special maintenance program is for you to keep your air conditioning system operation costs at the lowest possible threshold. Our technicians carefully inspect and clean your system's components and make you aware of any possible future problems, as well as, make suggestions to improve system efficiency. 

Tune-up includes: 

  • Cleaning of condenser and evaporator coils (where accessible)
  • Cleaning of units’ cabinets
  • Tightening of all electrical connections
  • Cleaning of condensate drains
  • Inspection of all motors for proper operation and amperage
  • Verification of proper capacitance of capacitors
  • Inspection and cleaning of heat exchangers, flues, and gas pressure (gas systems) Check safeties and limits
  • Inspection of blower wheel (cleaning additional)
  • Verification of proper operation of thermostats
  • Inspection of ductwork
  • Temperature split/readings

Email us at info@capitalcityheat.com or call us at (804) 608-8007 to sign up TODAY!