Our Other HVAC Related Services

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Water Heater Repair and Installation

Newer water heaters run much more efficiently than older ones. Having your water heater tuned up or replaced can save you money over time – and it can keep your family safe. It can also make sure your dishes and clothes are cleaned properly. Call us for a water heater check – especially if your shower is getting cold too quickly or you’re hearing lots of water heater noise.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater in Midlothian VATankless water heaters are gaining popularity in Midlothian and the surrounding area. These heaters are less expensive to run since they only heat your water when you need it. Tankless water heaters tend to last longer than standard water heaters, too. We can install a tankless water heater for use in your entire home. We can also install point-of-use tankless water heaters for quick hot water at your sink. With these, there’s no more waiting for the water to get hot – and no money down the drain as you await the perfect temp.

Duct Systems

Your HVAC duct system is your path for airflow throughout your home or business. It’s a critical part of any forced-air heating and/or cooling unit. A properly designed, constructed and sealed duct system will ensure superior indoor air quality as well as greater comfort. A poorly designed and installed duct system will reduce the efficiency of your unit, making heating and cooling your home or business more expensive and reducing the lifetime of your HVAC unit.

Gas Piping

Capital City Heating and Cooling is certified and licensed to perform gas piping work for natural or LP gas. We can do this work for any appliance or potential appliance in your home or business. While we normally perform this for furnaces and water heaters, we can also perform this work for whatever appliance requires gas as a fuel burning source, including stoves, grills, and fireplaces. 

Indoor Air Quality Systems

An air purifier will make your space cleaner and healthier, improving your air quality and helping you breathe easier. By removing airborne particles such as dust and pet dander, you can help manage conditions like allergies. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can also improve air quality. Controlled humidity can make the air feel more comfortable, and can help those who suffer with allergies and asthma. Along with these features, we can also install whole-house air filtrations systems, air purification systems, and UV lights. Call today to find out how Capital City Heating and Cooling can make your indoor environment healthier, safer, and more comfortable.

Multiple-Zone Heating and Cooling

Zoning systems allow you to control the temperature of individual areas of your home or business by using one system with multiple temperature controls. These flexible systems give you precise comfort without the cost of adding multiple equipment systems since you are able to heat and cool spaces by directing airflow to a specific area on an as-needed basis.  

Ductless Systems

With a ductless system, also known as a mini-split, you can heat and cool rooms where ductwork can't reach. They can also be used in rooms that are too small for a conventional system but may need comfort control. Common places where ductless systems are used include third floors that are finished after original construction, garages converted to living space, and sunrooms. Ductless systems are less invasive and a very efficient way to ensure total comfort in your home. Capital City is here to install, maintain, and repair these increasingly popular systems.